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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- September-October 1996


by Don Williams, ECI

Need real incentive to commute? Think about what is available on the car radio if you drive to work. How about Shane company ads, or "ask Fred" all your gardening questions on WHAS, worse yet new age music on public radio on the way home. Many times, it's not worth listening to the radio stations just to get their traffic reports.

If you do start commuting, be prepared for a few changes. The long term effect, for me anyway, is increased productivity, but in the short term, I'm so pumped the first day or so after re-starting my commuting, that its a challenge to hunker down and produce. Commuting's positive affect on sleep patterns and the earlier rise time becomes a minimal disruption quickly. I've found my sleep hours becomes shorter after a week or so, much more so than even actively riding club rides every evening.

And how slow is it? We add 30 minutes of pleasure each way over a 15-mile commute. On National Bike-to-Work Day, way back on May 14th, Joe Orlando with Channel 32 filmed our morning commute. Enjoying our three minutes of fame, Mary Margaret and I had to stop several times and wait for Joe and his camera man to catch up because the film truck became stuck in traffic.

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