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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- September-October 1996

Thanks to the Ride Captains!

by Kevin Clay

First, the disclaimers. The data included in this article was current as of the first week of August. And you should also be aware that not all ride captains deliver their sign-up sheets to the statisticians house the same day of the ride. Sometimes not even the same month! I have two ride sheets in the back of my truck right now. The oldest is about two weeks old, so thatís not too bad. So, with that said....

We have had 47 Ride Captains (RCs) to lead a total of 230 rides so far for the year. Thatís an average of just under 5 rides per ride captain. Also, that does not count multiple routes as multiple rides. If someone has a 15/30 mile ride, thatís still just one ride led. There are several RCs to lead one to five rides with most of these either being new ride captains or individuals leading social rides (Birthday party, cookouts, etc.).

Those RCs are as important to us as those who have led ten or more rides. As new ride captains some will no doubt become captains that will lead many rides for years to come. And it goes without saying that we appreciate those who have led the social rides, since this club seems to be founded on the basic principle of ďWe ride to eat,Ē but I will say it anyway. Thanks guys!

The club recognizes those RCs who have led ten or more rides for the year at the year-end banquet with a ride captain jersey. There are several that have already reached the ten-ride plateau, but donít stop there, please. Take all you want, thereís no limit! Then thereís a host of people with five to nine rides already led that I expect most if not all to reach that ten-ride mark required to get their jersey.

It may be a little late to get your ten rides in this year if you have not begun to lead rides (unless you love to ride in cold weather), but thereís always next year. Thanks again to all of you, no matter how many rides you have captained.

Those closing in on ten rides:

5 rides: Frank Coryell
6 rides: Emily Boone, Sonny Neurath, Alison Ewart
7 rides: Jim Preston, Jim Tretter, Rory Whitaker, Joe Proctor, Jay Akers, Don & Mary Margaret Williams
8 rides: Gail Clay
9 rides: Bill Johannemann, Duc Do, Dave Runge, Todd Childers

Those at or over ten rides (already qualified for their RC jerseys):

10 rides: Joe Kipp
11 rides: Marilee Martin
12 rides: Kevin Clay
13 rides: Marge Johannemann, Rebecca Cole

Once again, this data is not current or complete, and Iím sorry if I have forgotten anyone, youíre all important to the touring program.

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