Louisville Bicycle Club

December 1996 Touring Rides

Ride ratings:
    #1 Primarily flat
    #2 Mostly flat with some hills, perhaps 1/3 of total distance is hills
    #3 Rolling hills
    #4 Rolling with occasional steep hills
** New Riders Welcome: These rides are a little shorter and a little less hilly (if possible)

Sunday, Dec 1, 10:00AM
20/40 mi #3, Vettiner Park, RC-Adrian Freund, 231-1083

Wednesday, Dec 4, 10:00AM
30 mi #3 Prospect Point Shopping Center to Brownsboro Store, RC-Sonny Neurath, 893-2306

Saturday, Dec 7, 2:30PM
**15/30 mi #2/3 510 Belgravia Ct., RC-Dave Stewart, 636-3297

Sunday, Dec 8, 10:00AM
Red Baron Ride, Bowman Field, RC-Gil Morris, 239-7921

Wednesday, Dec 11, 10:00AM
25-30 mi #3 3502 Willis Ave., RC-Sonny Neurath, 893-2306

Saturday, Dec 14, 12:30PM
**Wassail Party 15-20 mi #2/#3 Vettiner Park, RC-Carolyn Minnette, 495-0262. (Party will begin @ 2pm at the Minnette's home.)

Sunday, Dec 15, 1:00PM
25 mi #3 E.P. “Tom” Sawyer Park, RC-Rory Whitaker, 241-5851

Wednesday, Dec 18, 10:00AM
Christmas Decorations Ride 25-30 mi #3 5622 Elmer Ln., RCs-Bill & Marge Johannemann, 368-6338.

Wednesday, Dec 25
CHRISTMAS DAY Take the day off, unless, of course, you get that new high-tech bicycle you've been dropping hints for.

Wednesday, Jan 1, 11:00AM
Polar Bear Ride. Look on the Jan/Feb schedule for ride details.

Every Tuesday and Thursday Jim Preston and Phil Brown will have a “show-and-go” ride at 4 PM from Plainview Shopping Center. While not a club ride, all are welcome. For information please call Jim Preston at 339-1637.

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