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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- November-December 1996

Just Put Me In Line

by Nita Bernat

It didn’t matter that it was my day off from work. I had one three-hour meeting to be re-certified for CPR, then another company procedural meeting for another three hours. By the time four o’clock rolled around, I was bent out of shape.

So what did I do? I got in line... a pace line, that is. All it takes is a couple of friends, perfect riding weather, two full water bottles and a pace line. It doesn’t get any better than this. Those pace lines are so energizing and relaxing at the same time you need only to concentrate on one thing — that individual three inches ahead of you.

It took a couple of calls to find that Kathy Fried and Linda Carr were riding a zone 2 for about 30 miles down River Road. Someone mentioned single-file for safety and I thought, “Pace line here we come!” It was a powerful churn we created. Nothing much mattered as we switched our positions. All of working, pulling our share, then resting, enjoying the ride. We were three well-oiled machines. You would have thought we were Olympic left-overs! Then we parted. Linda went right, Cathy and I left, everyone going home, except me making a stop for ice cream.

Thanks ladies for turning my hectic day into an enjoyable night by putting me in line.

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