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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- November-December 1996

Officer Nominations For 1997

by Paula Do

The Nominating Committee would like to present the nominations for the Executive Committee of 1997. The slate represents a cross-section of our club and, I'm sure, will serve the club well during the next year. The Nominating Committee was made up originally of Cheryl Brawner, Phil Brown, Carolyn Minnette, Mary Margaret Williams, and myself. Cheryl Brawner resigned and was replaced by Marilyn Minnick. The committee worked hard to ensure that the Club would be have good leadership during the next year. Club members will be asked to vote at the year-end banquet.

Statements of Purpose

Cheryl Brawner — VP Racing

“During my seven years as a member of the LBC, I have proudly raced for the LWRT in road races, mountain bike races, and duathlons, and managed the women's squad. I promoted the Spring Racing Series and assisted in promoting the 1991 Tour de Parks race. I have served on several committees, including the advocacy committee for trail access, and was a co-chair for the original developmental program, Cycling For Women. As VP Racing, I will endeavor to build a cohesive, cooperative relationship between the team and touring club. To achieve this end, I will work with the Executive Committee to ascertain the needs of the club and how the team might help fulfill those needs. I will promote the expansion of the developmental program to include all skill levels, whether recreational or competitive, in a unified effort with the VP of Education, as well as implement the team as a promotional tool for the club through civic visibility, such as in conjunction with the Louisville Police Department bicycle safety program. My focus will always be to keep our sport fun and safe and our attitudes positive and futuristic. I will espouse the continuing development of the racing program for all forms and levels of competitive cycling, and will represent the Racing Council to the best of my abilities as their Executive Committee chairperson.”

Earl Jones — VP Advocacy

“From work on the Louisville-Jefferson County long range plan, to tackling the problem of speed bumps, serving the Club as VP Advocacy continues to be a challenge. The Club's centennial year in 1997 will present further opportunities to increase the Club's public profile and enhance its relations with public officials. I would like to help in that effort. Serving on the Executive Committee and using my business experience and legal training has put me in a position to help the Club through a few difficult situations over the years. Not only has that been personally gratifying, it has provided me the opportunity to give something back to a group of people who have given a lot to me over the years. I ask for your continued support.”

Ellen (Zurbriggen) Mueller — Secretary

“I was asked to write a few words describing why I would like to be considered for the position of Secretary. I've enjoyed being a member of the LBC and I would be happy to donate my time as a way to contribute to the club's operation and the benefits it provides us as members.”

Jim Preston — President

“The nomination for President of the Louisville Bicycle Club for 1997 has allowed me opportunity to evaluate how I can give back a lot of what the club has given me. My first goal is to continue the progressive and efficient leadership displayed by Adrian Freund and the current Executive Committee.

“As President of our fine club, I will accept the duties of managing the business of our club, but most importantly, an opportunity to bring fresh ideas, new programs, and a healthy growth in membership. If I am elected your leader, I wish to maintain unity of all club segments, so the club functions as one organization.

“My vision is to never forget “we are a bicycle club dedicated to recreation, mobility, health, safety and the ability to have FUN doing it."

“Thank you for the honor of being nominated club President.”

Joe Proctor — VP Education

“It gives us much pleasure to see a cyclist doing the first century, knowing that a few months earlier the rider was struggling to complete the sharp hills of Cherokee Park as part of the Bicycle Handling Class on Monday evening. We will, of course, continue this activity, designed to open up an exciting world for the person new to our sport while at the same time welcoming the experienced rider as well.

“We want those who mount up with us to know how to fix a flat when they have to, also to handle any kind of basic emergency road breakdown when it's necessary. We don't expect you to be a bike mechanic necessarily, but we want you to be able to deal with the immediate problem and move on. For this reason we'll continue to offer the Bicycle Maintenance Class, offered during the winter months when it's too cold to ride much.

“We're not closed to new ideas. We're ready to hear from you if you have any thoughts as to how we can improve the educational component of our sport. We also like the team approach so if you're inclined to want to pitch in and help, give me a call. We have a great group of cyclists who will welcome you with open arms.”

David Stewart — VP Communications

“Simply because of the diversity of people represented by the membership of the Louisville Bicycle Club, communications can be a demanding task. I think this area in the Club's efforts has been handled well in the past. We enjoy one of the best newsletters of its kind. As Vice President of Communications, I would maintain this excellent effort. I would also explore ways to advance club causes and to increase membership through advertisements, press releases and contact with other organizations. I believe that the proper effort in communications can enhance a thriving, pertinent club that we all would like to see prosper and grow. I will be honored if you elect me to take on this effort.”

Jim Tretter — Treasurer

“Making deposits, writing checks and balancing the Club General Account describes a small portion of the responsibilities for this position. Today's treasurer needs to know how to generate, analyze and interpret Operating Statements, understand and prepare Federal and State Income Tax Returns for tax- exempt organizations, be familiar with club operations to budget and manage costs, and advise Club leaders of financial implications of decisions and policies. I've outlined this structure for the Club over the past few years and am dedicated that a qualified candidate be elected to meet the requirements of this position.”

Gary Wyngarden — VP Touring

“I would like to be Vice President of Touring for the Club in part to give back some of what I've gained from the organization and in part because I think it would be fun. I recognize that touring is the backbone of the club and would be committed to continue the quality and diversity of the touring program that has been developed over the past several years. At the same time I would like to implement some changes that I believe would further strengthen the program. I would like to see more recognition for our ride captains who are so important to the program. I would like to encourage new ride captains by initiating the concept of CO-ride captains, pairing an experienced captain with a novice, particularly on rides with multiple distances. While keeping a schedule that permits the mileage and challenge that many of our club members are looking for, I'd like to introduce some more diversity in ride options for our touring program. I know great rides in Red River Gorge and in Brown County, Indiana. How about driving out to one of these spots to start a ride? Rumor has it that there is something called a "mountain bike" that has been invented and that some of our members actually own one. How about a mountain bike ride out at Otter Creek? I've also heard that some of our members own panniers and camping gear. How about a self-contained overnight camping trip? Inter-club rides with other regional biking clubs might also be fun. Also I think some short family- oriented rides on Sunday afternoons would be great to get riders introduced to the club at an early age. Clearly the touring program is important to our club, and I think there's much that can be done with it. I'd enjoy the responsibility of making that happen in 1997.”

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