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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- November-December 1996

OKHT SAG Support: The Best Anywhere!

by Carol Leist

Did any riders go hungry or not see smiling faces on this yearís Old Kentucky Home Tour? I canít imagine either happening with the GREAT Sag volunteers we had out on the road this year. It takes many people to support and feed this bunch of hungry bike riders. And here they are:

Sheila & Bo Alvey, Maynard Arend, Nii-Nii Armar, Barry & Judy Bennett, Mike Blair, Emily Boone, Paula Do, Allison Ewart & Paul Vice, Karin Fox & Justin Freund, Pat Goodman, Tom Greiner, Larry Hammers, Jay Homola, Bill & Marge Johanneman, Will Minnette, Marilyn Minnick, Ted & Geoffrey Morris, Kimberly Nedrow, Norbert & Barbara Olges, Jim & Barbara Preston, Bill Rich, Ian Schill, Vera Schneider, Jerry & Coyla Short, Julie Stoligrosz, Linda Thompson, Glen Todd, Jim & Barbara Tretter, Rory Whitaker.

THANK YOU to this yearís happy, helpful volunteers!!

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