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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- November-December 1996

From the President . . .

by Adrian Freund

Thank you for your support over the past two years! I have truly enjoyed being your President. My task was made easier by the support of a great Executive Committee and all the members that step forward to volunteer for club activities.

We have accomplished many things that will serve the club well in future years. The twelve-year debate over the club name was resolved. We secured tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. We established a budgeting process and improved fiscal management. We introduced more diversity into our ride schedule, and more rides. Our membership stabilized, and is growing. We had the most successful Old Kentucky Home Tour in years. The racing program had good success with the development of juniors, hosted a major race in June and attracted many tourists to the development rides last winter.

All of those accomplishments take teamwork and dedication. Commitment, optimism and a sense of humor are also important attributes in the midst of controversies that spring up in every organization like ours. I wish the next President well in building on this foundation and “growing” the Louisville Bicycle Club. I never reached my goal of 1000 members, but I know it's achievable with the right programs and the support of every member.

The club needs you! As a ride captain, a committee volunteer, an officer, a coach, an advocate, a sponsor — there are positions for everyone who wants to work on behalf of the club. You are the engine that powers the club. This winter, when you are tired of the trainer (that won’t take long!), pick up the telephone and call one of the club officers to volunteer your time to the advancement of cycling in the Louisville area!

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