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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- November-December 1996

Shame On Us

by Dave Leist

I recently had a business meeting with John Black, the Oldham County Judge Executive. During a break, I mentioned how much the bike club enjoys riding through Oldham County. He hesitated a moment and then told me he had received complaints about large groups of cyclists hogging the road and not moving out of the way. I apologized and noted that there seem to be as many inconsiderate cyclists as there are inconsiderate drivers.

I know we have as much right to the road as motorized vehicles, and I know when we are in a large pack that itís hard not to hog the road. However, I have also observed the very thing for which the Judge receives complaints. Iíve seen cyclists ignore traffic as cars start piling up behind us, and some have remained in the middle of the road as others request single file riding. Perhaps some riders feel it is safer to do this. Maybe it is, but Iím afraid it is giving us a bad name. The last thing we want as a club is to have the top official of one of our favorite counties getting complaints about our riding, then trying to figure out what to do about it. Shouldnít we instead be working towards both safe riding AND a good rapport with the communities where we ride? Shame on Us!

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