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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- January-February 1997

And the Winners Are . . .

by Mary Beth Stoltz

The 1997 Louisville Bicycle Club Awards Banquet was held on November 16, 1996 at Masterson’s Restaurant downtown with quite a large turnout. The evening’s festivities began with Paula Do, chairperson for the Nominating Committee, offering up nominations for the new Board of Directors for 1997. All ballots were cast and collected and then the buffet began!

After everyone had eaten, the guest speaker for the evening, Alderman Tom Owen, was introduced. A fellow cycling enthusiast, he spoke about the last hundred years of cycling in Louisville and where he hoped the future of cycling was going. In 1897, cycling was a very prominent part of society here, Louisville even had 2 Velodromes! Mr. Owen spoke of the “Great Bike Ride” in October of 1897 with over 10,000 riders in attendance, and of the historical marker that will be placed at the Wheelmen’s Bench/Ruff Memorial to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wheelmen and to honor A.D. Ruff, one of the oldest members of the League of American Wheelmen at his death. The marker will be placed next July, with a ride being planned to commemorate the event. Alderman Owen then talked of what had gone on since 1897, lauding the efforts that brought about the River Walk (see article in the November/December newsletter). Mr. Owen’s plan, which he refers to as the “2020” plan, is that the future of cycling include provide cycling/pedestrian walkways in subdivisions and new areas of building, that Louisville will bring back bike path access to the local parks and that the cyclist in public fairways “be viewed as legitimate vehicles.” “A greater sense of community will be achieved because WE ARE OUT THERE!”, said Owens.

Adrian Freund, 1996 President, then highlighted the achievements of the past year including establishing tax exempt status, formalizing budgeting processes, and the club’s name change from Louisville Wheelmen to the Louisville Bicycle Club. He thanked all the 1996 members of the Board of Directors and presented them with the first issue of the Louisville Bicycle Club stoneware coffee mug. He also present a mug to statisticians Dave and Carol Leist for tracking all the ride miles for so many years. Jim Tretter, Treasurer, also reported that the Club was in “good shape financially.”

Freund also had some exciting news to share. “The BikeFest is a go” for next year, Freund announced. The 1997 BikeFest will be held next fall with sponsors including Kosair Children’s Hospital and the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association. “It will be a major cycling event,” Freund said.

Then it was on to the presentation of awards. Some of the more unusual awards presented were the Ground Beef award and the Skull Caps. Dan Johnson was awarded the Ground Beef Award for having the first accident of the season. Skull Caps were given to those members of the club who were, shall we say, gravitationally-challenged: Joey Kipp (4 falls in one season), and Bernice Martin and Mark Alford, (designated frequent fallers).

Most Improved Rider Awards went to Ellen Mueller and Dave Stewart. Volunteer of the Year award was given to Brenda Palmer, for all her hard work, especially with the Old Kentucky Home Tour. And the 20th Century Award went to Debbie Browning, for riding 20+ club centuries in a season. The Yellow Jerseys went to Jim Preston, who rode 6,117 miles this year and to Lisa Kinnamon, who rode 3,864 miles. There were so many winners at this Banquet that we just don’t have the space to mention them all but we want to congratulate everyone for achieving his or her goals and hope to see everyone back next year having set new personal bests!

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