Louisville Bicycle Club

Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- January-February 1997


by Don Williams

OK, the end of the season wasnít personally great for me this year. Due to unforeseen roof repairs on top of an on-going remodel/modernization of our South Wing, and workload of all things, my commuting went somewhere in a handbasket in a hurry. So did learning to fly and various other adventures, including a great touring schedule that I missed most of through September and October.

Next year is already looming there to look forward to. My worst regretómy cycling socks. Forced to exist in an unhealthy work boot environment every afternoon and weekend, instead of the airy environment of the open road the spun wonder fibers and memory that is so important in a good pair of cycling socks may be lost forever. To try and drag a broken down pair of socks through next yearís early season mileage would require near superhuman effort, impossible for me at this point. Or, that could be my early season excuse.

Hats off to those hardy souls that continue to slog in the miles as the weather gets steadily colder, I swear Iíll see you on the road soon!

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