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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- January-February 1997

From the President . . .

by Jim Preston

As we sit by the fireplace, wishing we were out on our bikes, we can take comfort in the fact that the 1997 biking season is only a few weeks away. Looking ahead, I see not only a great riding season, but a year of cycling filled with celebrations, festivities and dedications. Our 100th year as a club will be marked by the dedication of the A.D. Ruff Memorial Wheelmen Bench, which promises to be a good time for all. In addition, we received good news, the BikeFest is back with its festive atmosphere and exciting races. Of course, the biggest and best of the Club is the annual Old Kentucky Home Tour.

Our new executive committee is teeming with enthusiasm and talents and is ready to have a banner season. The committee has such a good balance of new and existing members, it can only be a productive year. I look forward to working with each member of the committee.

There are a few accomplishments I wish to see our club fulfill in the year ahead: a club jersey; public service ads on bicycling safety and laws; saddle name tags for new members; a youth program, and of course, we want to build and improve on our exciting programs and tours. In addition, I would like some changes in our awards program (details to follow in the March/April Newsletter). I have set a goal to increase the membership by at least 20%. Additionally, I want to insure that the club continues to be in sound financial condition by the end of 1997. Again, as I have always said, we should never forget that we are a bicycling club dedicated to recreation, mobility, health, safety and the ability to have fun doing it.

In knowing the “esprit de corps” of this club, I am assured that each member has a good idea and a talent. I ask each member to volunteer! We all like to have fun but it’s our obligation to contribute to the club in some way. Just a few things where time and ideas will be needed are: touring, BikeFest, racing program, newsletter, O.K.H.T., organize a social event (cook-out, ski trip, etc.), membership program, education, Wheelmen’s Bench 100- year Celebration, and our anniversary and the awards banquet, so get involved. It’s fun! Remember, to have fun you must have a positive attitude.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as President. I am truly excited about riding and working with every member of our club this year.

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