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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- January-February 1997

Bye Bye, Stats!

by Dave Leist

After eight (or was it nine?) years serving as the club statisticians, itís time for Carol and me to hang up the databases and move on to other things (like soccer & stuff for Greg, our 5-year-old Wildman). Weíve sure seen a lot of changes over the years. We inherited this job on 3 x 5 index cards (which still exist). For the first few years, we did the annual stats by computer, but all the lifetime records were still kept on the index cards. We finally got all this stuff into a computer, and as the years went by, we started tracking more stuff, and providing more records to the club quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Then a strange thing started to happen. The better and faster we became, the more complaints we started to receive. I really reached the end of the line when people started accusing others of cheating. If somebody is going to sign a ride sheet and then not ride or cut it short, thatís his or her problem. The statisticians have no way to verify ride sheets for accuracy. For the most part, I found the complaints based more on the lack of knowledge of the rules (especially for out of town rides) than on anything else. The rules are available on the Web to better inform the members of what does, and does not, count. So much for my soapbox.

The club had another good year, with 426 riders going 234,727 miles. As a comparison, in 1988 we had 320 riders going a measly 117, 219 miles. Since 1988, this club has amassed a whopping 1,668,048 miles. No wonder my fingers are worn out!

Your new statistician is Philip Esterle. Philip is moving in January, so his new address will be published in the next newsletter. Ride captains can call Philip until then to find out where to mail ride sheets (244-5971). Philipís a pretty nice guy, and even knows more about computers than Carol does. He also carries an Uzi, so I wouldnít complain too much about the stats until you get to know him and are sure he wonít shoot you for excessive bellyaching! Be nice to him and hopefully heíll hang around for a long time. Also be sure to write your name clearly on the ride sheets. Even a computer whiz canít give you credit if they canít read your name. Good luck, Philip.

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