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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- January-February 1997

They ain’t heavy — they’re my sons

by Duc M. Do

What has three heads and six legs, but only four of them working? It’s the Do Boys out on the tandem!

Anticipating Nicholas’s fourth birthday this summer—a little too old to be toted around in a bike seat, yet too young to ride much on his own—I found and bought a used tandem that we added the child stoker kit to so Nicholas can ride as a stoker. What a great investment! We had much fun riding the big rig this summer. Nicholas really enjoyed riding like big people on his tandem, complete with his own bell. Two-year-old Lucas, I think, enjoyed it even more sitting right behind his big brother on every ride. We made quite a few Bike Handling rides, rode part of the Old Kentucky Home Tour on Saturday, and several other, shorter club rides. But generally we tooled around the neighborhood and enjoyed our time together, sometimes with Mom riding along on her single, sometimes just by ourselves.

It’s one-and-a-quarter mile to the neighborhood playground and back. And we must have done this a hundred times. Or it’s six blocks to the nearest ice cream store. (We were shocked to find out Graeter’s Ice Cream closed down their store in the Chenoweth Plaza in late summer. We thought they’d be ready for an expansion with our regular patronage.) A little longer ride took us by the firehouse, always a favorite with little boys. For real adventure, we rode over to the St. Matthews City Hall to look at the police cars parked there. Once, in early summer, we rode down to the Ohio River to look at the flood water. We sat on the muddy, rocky shore and talked about the water. I was privileged to be along when a little boy’s imagination carried him down the river to the sea.

Who says time spent riding a bike is not quality time?

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