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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- January-February 1997

The One Percent Solution

by Gary Wyngarden

Even less, really. The good news is that 426 club members rode 234,727 miles on club rides in 1996. This was a record year and something to be proud of. The bad news is that our top 100 riders rode almost 200,000 of those miles. The worse news is that there are probably about 300,000 bicycle owners in the Louisville metropolitan area, 99.8% of whom never participated in a Louisville Bicycle Club ride last year.

While our club will never appeal to all bicycle owners, we would certainly like to increase our visibility in the community and the appeal of our touring program to other Louisvillians who enjoy riding. Just as certainly, we want to do this in a way that doesn't compromise ride quality for our top riders. How to do this?

Many of you have already made suggestions to me which I really appreciate. Ideas under consideration include family-oriented rides, a youth program with overnights, mountain bike rides, self-contained camping rides, rides with other bicycle clubs in the region, name tags for bike bags, and more out of town rides. We also want to strengthen our ride captain program.

We want your input and we need your help. The Touring Committee meetings are open to all club members. Our first committee meeting of 1997 will be held on Saturday, Jan. 11, 1997 at the Italian Oven in Springhurst Shopping Center, Route 22 at the Gene Snyder Freeway, following the ride from E.P. “Tom” Sawyer Park. The meeting should begin about noon. Y'ALL COME!

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