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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — March-April 1997

The Louisville Bicycle Club

by Jim Preston

The Louisville Bicycle Club is a large club made up of a diverse group of people. Club activities are staffed by volunteers. We invite you to engage in these activities to better yourself or to help others. What can the Club do for you? What can you do for the Club? Here’s a list.
Club Touring Program
Bicycle tours of all lengths and all levels of difficulty for cyclists of varying ability are offered all year ‘round. We also include indoor “trainer tours” and evening walks as part of this program. Come to ride. Come just to be with others. Train for your favorite fund-raising bicycle tour. You don’t ever have to ride alone again. Call Gary Wyngarden at 228-3122.

My Old Kentucky Home’ Bicycle Tour
This traditional overnight ride in September draws hundreds of riders from all over this part of the United States for rides along some of the most scenic back roads in Kentucky. To be one of the many volunteers, call Brenda Palmer at 267-9175.

Cycling For Women
This is a series of introductory rides designed especially for women. Each session consists of a short class taught by women, a short ride and no techno-babble. Ask questions about fitness, clothing, diet, equipment, etc. Enjoy the company of a diverse group of women with a common interest. Call Barbara Berman at 454-3452.

Racing Teams
Our racing teams offer coaching, training and support for cyclists ranging from beginners to top-ranked regional athletes. Weight training programs are offered. Want to be your best? Call Cheryl Brawner at 459-9949.

Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup
Every Spring and Fall club members gather up trash from one of this area’s prettiest highways. The cleanup is followed by a “get-together.” Call Barbara Berman at 454-3452.

Information Center
The Louisville Bicycle Club Information Center is a telephone bulletin board provided by Voice-Tel of Kentucky. To get up-to-date information on rides and activities or to leave a message for the officers, call 329-1848.

Club Newsletter
The Louisville Bicycle Club newsletter is mailed to members every two months with articles of general interest, club news, ride schedules and upcoming events flyers. To write articles or to volunteer to help with publication or mailing, call Mary Beth Stoltz at 241-5821.

Bike Handling Classes
A continuing series of classes on “rules of the road,” safety, clothing, etc. for new cyclists is taught by experienced instructors. Each class is followed by a short ride. Call Joe Proctor at 454-7464.

Bike Maintenance Classes
We offer this course for beginning bicycle mechanics every Spring. Whether you want to know how to pump up a tire, perform routine maintenance, be prepared for road-side repairs, or better understand changing technology, these classes will keep you current. Call Joe Proctor at 454-7464.

Education Committee
Our Education Committee oversees club cycling classes and puts on educational presentations on cycling. To help or discuss ideas, call Joe Proctor at 454-7464.

Communications Committees
The Communication Committees are dedicated to communicating about the Club and cycling with the local community in varied and imaginative ways. Club members will appear on the Jane Norris Show, staff a booth for the Club at an American Heart Association show and at the Earthwise Faire, design a Club jersey, write articles for local papers, etc. If this appeals to you, call Dave Stewart at 636-3297.

Centennial Celebrations
1997 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Club. Plans are in the works for the re-dedication of the Ruff Memorial and associated activities. Do you have ideas about other events? Want to join in on some of the ones already planned? Be a part of the history. Be a part of the magic that has kept this club alive for 100 years. Call Jim Preston at 339-1367.

You can make a difference in your community and yourself along with an interesting group of people who all share your love for cycling. Get involved. Take advantage of these programs. We’ll all be better for it. The Club will be better for it.

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