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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — March-April 1997

LBC-SIW Joint Club Activities

by Dave Stewart

The Louisville Bicycle Club and the Southern Indiana Wheelmen are banding together to share some rides and activities this year. Joint rides have been held in the past but, in recent years, the two clubs have not been active together.

Starting in April and continuing through August, a joint Time Trial series will be held at the Army Ammunition Plant in Charlestown, IN. Plans are not yet finalized but the races will be held on every second Wednesday of the month. There will be both a 10-mile and a 40K version. The hope is to have the races sanctioned. No fee has been established.

On Sunday, April 27, 1997, at 8:00 a.m., there will be a ride with Jim Preston and Dick Keith, SIW President, as joint ride captain. It will be a 64-mile ride from Jeffersonville to the “Inn at Bethlehem.”

There are other joint rides in the works. Watch the ride schedules for details. If any club members would like to form a joint ride with the SIW, contact Gary Wyngarden or attend a Touring Committee meeting for details.

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