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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — March-April 1997

Bike Maintenance Classes

by Joe Proctor

On these cold, sunless days of winter can anybody out there really be thinking of biking? I mean, after all, what’s there to do now except to spin on your trainer and watch the sweat drip from your towel, right?

Well, you can ease your frustrations about those nightmarish bike breakdowns 20 miles from Nowhere, Ky. by planning to attend our annual Bicycle Maintenance classes where you will learn how to preserve your dignity by repairing your mount on the road instead of risking your friendship with a fellow cyclist.

And here’s the good of it all: This year we’ll be offering (1) a new, updated program for those of you who need all the help you can get; (2) a brand new advanced class for you bikers who are tired of the same old same old year after year. The only catch is that you will have to call and register in advance so that we can make sure we have enough to justify having a session. Contact Joe Proctor at 454-7464 by no later than February 20 to register. And finally sports fans, for the first time, (3) maintenance and touring tips for tandem riders. You can learn all about tandems, how the stoker can really deal with any dog, and other handy tidbits of information. The tandem class is March 20 only.

The sessions will be held Thursday nights on March 6, 13, 20 at St. Matthews Elementary School beginning at 7 p.m. and running through 9 p.m. All classes are free and it would be helpful if you bring your bike if you have one. Remember, you must register by phone if you want to sign up for the advance class only.

Our club is really fortunate to have some instructors who are pretty handy with allen wrenches and derailleur adjustments and I can guarantee you will be in for a delightful learning experience. So come with an open mind, expect to get your hands greasy and be self-reliant. For additional information, call Joe Proctor at 454-7464.

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