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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter ó March-April 1997

From the President . . .

by Jim Preston

The good weather we have had has everyone eager to begin his or her riding season, but because we are not riding a lot does not mean we are not doing a lot as a club.

Letís bring all up-to-date on a few club functions such as: training tours, thanks to Don and Mary Margaret; walking tours, thanks to Brenda ó these events allow no one an excuse for not being in good physical shape for March.

Until this year, I had no idea the preparation that many people will make for a coming season. Not only the Executive Committee working on a number of projects; there are many committees and projects in progress:

Jersey Selection Committee - Dave Stewart
Saddle Tags - Ed Akers
Social Committee - Marilee Martin
Club Logos - Joe Kipp
Ruff Memorial - Larry Hammers
First Day Stamp Issues (OKHT & Ruff Memorial ) - Bill Rich
BikeFest - Jim Tretter, Event Coordinator
Bike Maintenance Classes - Joe Proctor
Club Member Photo Calendar - Robert Dorsback, photographer, or Marilee Martin
how Ďbout that web site - thanks to Duc Do
and now the BIG ONE, the OKHT - Brenda Palmer and Gary Keenan.

Get involved... use your talent... put your name on a committee or project list (see LBC Activities for more info). If something isnít listed, call me or a member of the Executive Committee.

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