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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter ó March-April 1997

Racing Team News

by Cheryl Brawner

1997 Kentuckiana Spring Training Series

As it has been for the last two decades, the Kentuckiana Spring Training Series will again be held in 1997. The Bluegrass Cycling Club is promoting the first weekend of racing, March 1st and 2nd. The Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team/Louisville Bicycle Club is hosting the March 8th and 15th dates, and Rapid Transit Racing Team is directing the March 16th and 23rd.

This year the series will feature one cyclocross race (mountain bikes may also be used) being directed by Concept Racing on March 29th at Meadeís Landing Farm in Skylight, Kentucky, and two mountain bike races hosted by the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association at Ft. Duffield in Westpoint, Kentucky on March 9th and the 22nd. There will be divisions for both licensed and citizen (unlicensed) racers, so if you would like to try your hand at bike racing, now is the perfect opportunity! This series always proves to be competitive and challenging and is a great opportunity to try out those race legs for the new year! Please see the Kentuckiana Spring Training Series for more details.

Volunteers are also needed for our March 8th and 15th dates at LíEsprit in Sligo, Kentucky (Exit 28 off 1-71, follow signs to race). An after-race tour will take place after racing is finished and lunch will be provided. Please contact Cheryl Brawner at 459-9949 if you would like to volunteer.

Racing Team Merchandise Sponsorship

The team has been fortunate to obtain several new merchandise sponsors for 1997. Bell Sports has agreed to furnish us with EvoPro helmets; Sinclair Inc. with Carnac shoes; Serfas with their Pro saddles and Vredestein tyres (mountain and road) at extremely deep discounts. Global Sports has also agreed to be our glove (CHIBA ó makers of the USA teamís gloves last year) sponsor, but the details were not available at the newsletter deadline.

If you would like to inquire about these discounts, please contact Cheryl Brawner at 459-9949 as soon as possible. Bell helmets must be ordered by Feb. 25th. Our thanks goes out to these generous companies for making these great products available to us.

Other Racing Team News

The racing team is off to a great start this year. There were 22 members in attendance at our last meeting, where jersey design and this yearís sponsors were discussed. We now have 39 members on our team roster and it keeps growing! A revival of the masters team and a new mountain bike squad are just two reasons to be excited about our teamís future. With the Kentuckiana Spring Training Series just around the corner, the team is busy in the gym and on those trainers getting legged up for the upcoming season.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the racing program, either as an athlete or a volunteer, please contact Cheryl Brawner at 459-9949 or at Bikecoack@aol.com.

SIW/LBC Facility One Time Trial Series

Time trialing is returning to the Kentuckiana area, thanks to a cooperative effort between the Southern Indiana Wheelmen and the Louisville Bicycle Club. Racing will begin on April 9 and will continue on the second Wednesday of each month through August 1997. There will be both 10-mile and 40K distances offered. So dust off those aero bars and letís set some new course records! Please see the enclosed flier for all the details.

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