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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — March-April 1997

Ride, Captain, Ride

by Gary Wyngarden

Do you lust for power, control, and authority? Have you always wanted to tell people where to go and where to get off? How about service to the greater good of mankind (womankind too)? If so, then being a ride captain for the LBC is just the thing for you.

Always wanted to be a ride captain, but weren’t sure how to go about it? We have a special opportunity for you this spring. Each member of the Touring Committee has agreed to mentor two novice ride captains this year. (Call me for the name of a mentor, 228-3122.) They will take you under their wings and explain the ins and outs of being an RC and make you co-captain for one or more of their rides. In addition, we’ve scheduled two training sessions to explain everything about ride captaining. Topics will include routes, cue sheets, Dan Henry’s, sign-up sheets, insurance, sweeping, mechanical breakdowns, lost riders, awards and the point system, etc. These sessions will be held on Thursday, March 27 at 7:00 PM at PNC Bank at Route 42 and Lime Kiln and at the same time and place on Thursday, April 24. The classes will be taught by experienced ride captains. Ride captains are the backbone of the touring program. Please join this elite group!

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