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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter ó March-April 1997

From The Desk (Bed) of . . .

by Marilee Martin

Okay, get those dirty thoughts out of your head. Itís true I have been hanging out in bed lately, but not by choice. I fell at work, breaking my ankle in three places. They did surgery to reset my ankle joint and to add a pin and two screws. (Please, no jokes about having a loose screw.) I am on the mend but will miss a lot of biking. Thanks for the cards and phone calls. They are very uplifting and I canít express how much they have meant.

A lot of club members enjoy doing more than just bicycling with fellow LBC members. We are planning on organizing social events throughout the year. I am honored to have been considered for the position of Social Director and I am looking forward to planning activities. Iíve got a lot of ideas in store. Fruit rides to out of towners, whitewater rafting to wine tasting. I will try to have a variety of activities to reach everyone. Any ideas and feedback are welcome. Call me at home at (502) 423-0600. Avoid spring fever and enjoy the weather to come. Ride on!

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