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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — May-June 1997

LBC Centennial Tours Scheduled

by Earl Jones

Cast your mind back to 1897 and imagine what it must have been like to go on a Louisville Wheelmen ride. What sights might have been seen along the route? What were some of the starting points or destinations? And how many of these places still exist to be enjoyed by the spiritual descendants of those early Wheelmen?

As part of the Club’s Centennial celebration, a series of rides is being schedules to take in some of those sights. Each Centennial Tour will start from a location that was part of our community in 1897 and include commentary by a guide who is an expert in the focal point of the tour. Most of the rides will be from 15 to 30 miles, number 2 in degree of difficulty, and slow to moderate pace. The idea is to relax, bring along members of the family, enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride and remind the community how long we’ve been here.

Stay tuned and check the ride schedule.

People are still needed to help with our Centennial Celebration. If you would like to work with other club members on any aspect of this notable time, please call Larry Hammers at 454-4543.

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