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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — May-June 1997

Bar End Caps—Not Just for Decoration

by Keith Stoltz

On the past several club rides, I have noticed other riding without those little end caps on their handlebars. When I’ve stopped to ask why they hadn’t replaced them yet, I kept getting the same responses, “They fell out; they’re just there for decoration; I’m not going to worry about replacing them unless I get new handlebar tape.”

But end caps are a very important safety feature on your bicycle. What they do is close off the end of the handlebars. In the unlikely event of an accident, this little cap can keep those bars from becoming human cookie-cutters.

So a bit of advise, keep those bar ends on. If you are missing one, replace it as soon as possible. If anyone has any extra end caps lying around, bring them to the club rides to be given to those who are missing caps. Remember cookie cutters are for cookies, not parts of the human body!

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