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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — May-June 1997

From the President . . .

by Jim Preston

It feels like spring is finally here, as is the perfect weather for biking. In my recent business travels, it became obvious to me how biking has affected many aspects of my life. Traveling I-65 south to Nashville this week, thoughts of the “Honest Abe” ride filled my thoughts with scenic views and friends. On my way to Lexington, the “Marge Johannemann” ride came to mind as I was driving through the beautiful countryside of Midway filled with horse farms. When headed north on I-65, memories of the “Sonny Neurath” rides in Southern Indiana brought a smile, what with all the fun and visiting that took place among us. Heading west. I couldn’t help but remember the “Strawberry Ride” that was rained out last year after I had spent five hours marking the ride. I smiled in spite of myself.

In thinking back on many rides, Rory Whitaker’s Westport rides come to mind with the great challenges of hills. I cringe, remembering the pain and sweat of “Smiley Face Hill,” yet this too is a wonderful memory. We have certainly ridden tough hills, haven’t we? The beauty of the Jefferson Forest Area rides leave peaceful thoughts in remembering those trips. Shelby County too brings to mind quiet places, gentle flowing creeks and single-lane roads. How about Norm’s Chat-Nibble rides? You have to smile, right?

When you think back with me recalling these and the many other rides, what comes to mind? Fun, challenges, good health, fellowship, friendship and many other things come to my mind in thinking about the Louisville Bicycle Club. I realized that not only has our club enriched my physical health, but it has added to my learning experiences, friendships, sense of accomplishments, and self-discipline. Biking has given benefits to many areas of living.

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I look toward the upcoming season. Though we have a lot of work ahead of us, we have a tremendous amount of enjoyment in front of us. Here’s to another safe and fun season!

As always, Have Fun!

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