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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — May-June 1997

Racing Teams News

by Cheryl Brawner

Tsali or Bust!

The Louisville Wheelmen Mountain Bike Racing Team is going to venture to the NOC Knobscorcher Race in Bryson City, North Carolina on April 25-27. This should prove to be an “excellent adventure” for our fledgling team. A cabin has been rented to house us all (hope we're still friends on the return trip!) and as of this newsletter's deadline, seven team members had signed up for this excursion. We hope to get some great photos for the next newsletter issue, as well as many great tales of the Smoky Mountains and the famous Tsali trail where the race is going to be run. Wish us luck!

1997 Kentuckiana Spring Race Series

March 8 Results
March 15 Results

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