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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — May-June 1997

New Rules, New Rides

by Gary Wyngarden

At the March Touring Committee meeting, the group reviewed the rules governing the touring program and the competition for awards. We had a large turnout, and I'm pleased to say that our open and sometimes spirited discussion reached a consensus on all issues. Only one change was made to the rules, but it's an important one. Effective March 1, 1997 all club rides throughout the year will count towards lifetime mileage and lifetime mileage awards. Previously, rides in January, February, November and December did not count toward lifetime mileage. Annual jersey awards will continue to include rides only between March 1 and September 30. The cutoff each year for lifetime recognition at the Awards Banquet will be September 30. In other words rides after September 30 will be included in awards the following year. This will permit us to get jerseys ordered in advance of the banquet. Some of these rules get confusing, so feel free to e-mail or call me if you have questions on them at 228-3122.

If you take a close look at the May/June ride schedule you'll see a lot of new stuff. We have on the schedule family rides, women-only rides, self-contained camping rides, mountain bike rides, rides during the day on Friday for those who like to play hooky from work, Centennial rides and more. These should be fun for regular club members, but should also be an attraction to new or potential new members as well. Big question is “How they gonna know about it?” Big answer is “You're gonna tell 'em!” Let your bicycling friends who aren't club members know about some of the new things we're doing and let's get them out riding with us.

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