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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — July-August 1997

Club By-Laws Amendment Proposed

by Earl Jones

The Executive Committee proposes to amend Article V (Officers) of the Club’s By-laws to change the date officers start and end their terms. The purpose of the change is to enable the newly-elected officers, while enthusiasm is high and the riding season is at a lull, to immediately begin laying plans for the upcoming year. Since this amendment would require the new officers to take leadership right after their election, instead of waiting until January 1, the Executive Committee also proposes to amend Article VI (Executive Committee) to delete the provision for retaining outgoing officers on the Executive Committee for a three-month overlap period.

In accordance with the By-laws, these amendments are being presented for your consideration. They will be voted on at the July 1997 General Membership meeting. If approved, they will take effect immediately and apply to the current officers and those elected at the 1997 Annual Meeting.

The proposed amendments are set forth below. Additions are underlined and deletions are redlined:


The Club Officers shall be the President, Vice President-Touring, Vice President, Vice President-Racing, Vice President-Communication, Vice President-Advocacy, Vice President-Education, Secretary, and Treasurer. They must be Club members in good standing and elected by a majority of members at the Annual Meeting. The Officers shall be Directors of the corporation. The term of all Officers shall be for one year from <January 1 to December 31> beginning on the day following the Annual Meeting at which they are elected and ending upon adjournment of the next Annual Meeting at which successors are elected.


The Executive Committee shall consist of all current officers, and the immediate past Club President and, for the period <of three (3) months> ending December 31 following expiration of their terms, all other immediate past officers. It shall be the governing body of the Club and shall make operational and policy decisions for the Club and act by majority vote, except as otherwise provided herein. The Executive Committee shall insure that the legal affairs of the Club are attended to and that is adequately protected by liability insurance. The Executive Committee shall make expenditures or commit the Club’s assets for any capital investment or project exceeding $2,000 without the approval of the membership at a membership meeting properly constituted under Article III.

The Executive Committee urges your approval of these amendments.

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