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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter ó July-August 1997

Kosair BikeFest

by Ian Schill

Have you heard about Kosair Charities Bikefest? You mean you havenít? How can that be? Well, Bikefest is a weekend devoted to the fun to be had on a bike. There will be at tour, a race, time trial and a family fun ride. These will all take place on the weekend of September 6-7.

Your Bicycle Club is helping in a big way. We are putting on the tour, and the time trial. We will also participate in the road race. All of the events will be staged from Cherokee Park. Vendors will be present. An opportunity to win a NEW 1997 Saturn is also available. The proceeds from the events will help support the Kosair Charities with a portion going to the clubs that helps with the event.

You too can help. We need volunteers to staff the rest stops on the tour, as corner marshals for the time trial and race. We also need help with the registration on the day of the events. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact Jim Tretter (491-7120), Cheryl Brawner (459-9949) or Ian Schill (245-4507).

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