Louisville Bicycle Club

Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — July-August 1997

“Fat is Good”

by Gary Wyndgarden

So said Club President, Jim Preston, after his first off-road mountain bike ride on Saturday, May 10. Of course, he was talking about tires... Fat Tires.

The ride was canceled in February because of snow. It was canceled in March because Otter Creek Park was flooded. It was canceled in April because of rain (not to mention Phil Esterle’s wedding). But in May the Club-sanctioned mountain bike ride actually took place with an even dozen of us riding out at Otter Creek.

It was a great day. Not once did anyone holler out “Car Back” (no cars on these trails). Not once did anyone holler “Gravel.” It’s not that there wasn’t any gravel. It was just too hard to see it under the tree roots, big rocks and mud. Speaking of mud, your Club President liked riding in the mud so much, he kept turning around to go back through the best of it. Who woulda thought? In fact, covered with mud and puffing hard from exertion at the end of the ride, Jim said, “Gary, this is so much harder than road biking, you ought to give everyone on this ride credit for a century!” Relax roadies, Esterle and I did not let him get away with that, and everybody only got credit for some of the most fun ten miles of the season. We’ll do more. Come out and try it!

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