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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — July-August 1997

From the President . . .

by Jim Preston

What can I say? Enjoying the rain? Some of us have gone on to enjoy our rides despite challenging weather conditions. Please remember to observe all safety precautions during your rides. My companion and I have been out doing “Sun Dances” all week in hopes of bringing back sunshine. However, to my knowledge, this is not a specialty among blonde cocker spaniels!

This month, I’d like to extend congratulations on behalf of the Club to two of our members who received “Little Bicycle Awards.” First, there is Barbara Tretter, who was out shopping and spied a lovely bike pin which referred to maintaining a healthy ecological condition. She wanted to present the pin to another active, hardworking member. So, as a result of her thinking of another member in such a kind way, she received the “Little Bike Award.”

Our next recipient is Scott Anderson. Our friend, Bob Horner, apparently locked his keys in his vehicle after one of our rides. Scott graciously drove him forty miles to retrieve an extra set of keys as his first act of good will. Scott’s second good deed involved looking for riders who were late returning from a route, without having been asked to do so. Let’s give a big hand to those who generously put their riding companions before themselves!

As an update on rides, the Family Rides appear to be very successful and are well attended. We are also seeing many new members on our rides, I believe, in part to our diversity in rides. Another contributing factor, I think, is that our members are good in promoting the Club, greeting new members and showing how to have an all-around good time biking. Keep up the good work!

Have Fun!

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