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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — July-August 1997

Race Across America - Team Judy Flannery

by Cheryl Brawner

When this newsletter reaches your mailboxes, two LBC members, Valerie Gattis and I, will have traveled the United States coast to coast together! We are members of Team Judy Flannery, a Race Across America team for 1997 comprised of five women cyclists, one of whom will ultimately be an alternate. The team was named for the world dua- and tri-athlete champion and five-time national champion USCF time trialist, Judy Flannery, who died after being struck by an automobile driven by an unlicensed 16-year-old during a training ride in Maryland on April 2.

Judy and Valerie had been close friends for many years, and prior to her untimely death, Judy had organized a RAAM team, which included Valerie and myself, in a campaign to fight domestic violence. After her death, the team’s future was questionable. However, they gathered strength and regrouped, and the team is now riding to raise money for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy—money which will be allocated to a motorist education program.

Look for TV coverage of RAAM (probably on ESPN) during the last week of July and the first few days of August. You might see a fellow club member!

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