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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — July-August 1997

A Gorge-ous Ride

by Gary Wyndgarden

I stirred in bed at 3:00 in the morning on the day of the ride, awakened by sheets of rain hitting my bedroom window. “Are we really going to drive a hundred miles each way to do a 30 mile ride in this?” I thought. What the hell. The Gorge is worth it. And it was!

Like any good ride captain, I made sure that the rain had stopped and the roads had dried before the ride started. The nine of us who braved the elements to drive out to Red River Gorge on Memorial Day had a real treat. The rain left mist in the trees and waterfalls flowing, but us nice and dry. Highlights of the trip included a ride through an unlighted, 900-foot long, single lane Nada tunnel. Glenn Todd wanted to lead the way through the tunnel with his flashing reflector and bravely backed down a car coming in the opposite direction. I think his description of the experience was “disorienting.”

The ride through the Gorge was beautiful including the stop at Gladie Creek and the view from Sky Bridge. The view from Sky Bridge is definitely earned with a 600-foot climb in just seven-tenths of a mile (love those granny gears). The finish is a howl. A three-mile long downhill stretch that moves you along at 20 miles an hour without pedaling. We’ll do it again in the fall. Y’all come!

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