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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — September-October 1997

Habitat for Humanity

by Glenn Todd

The main reason that most of use became involved with the Louisville Bicycle Club is to ride a bike. As we have stayed involved, our other interests have been added to the club. I have heard many people talk about community service projects. The club has several that they are involved in.

Habitat for Humanity is a project that was started by Millard Fillmore. His story in itself is one of a changed life. As a multimillionaire who was dissatisfied with his life, he gave away his fortune to start Habitat for Humanity.

The concept of Habitat for Humanity is to give people a “hand up, not a hand out.” People who are accepted into the program must give 500 hours in sweat equity towards their or another’s house. The house is not given to them, they must pay back the loan.

The club can become involved in several ways. People are needed in all aspects of building a home. From the foundation to the roof, from the exterior landscaping to the interior painting. Individuals are needed to prepare lunches and you know this group can do that.

You say you can’t hammer a nail straight! I have learned from years of leading mission trips with youth and adults that the willing heart is the most important skill you can bring. I have worked with people who felt they had little or no skill and in the end they surprised themselves with what they could do.

Work crews are scheduled most any time, Saturdays and Sundays are most common. You can choose to work half or full days. It is even possible to ride in the morning and work in the afternoon. Who knows? Maybe we could start the day off with a ride. However we do it, this is a great way to do something for our community.

If you are interested, give me a call. My home number is (502) 897-5406 and office is (502) 585-5221. I look forward to hammering a nail with you. That is, the one with the head, not the finger(nail).

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