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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — September-October 1997

From the President . . .

by Jim Preston

Greetings, friends. What a great season we’re enjoying in the Louisville Bicycle Club this year. First, I’d like to applaud the members for continuing to observe safety and etiquette. It is the time of season when our bike rides grow more carefree what with the coming fall weather. (It will be cool again, someday!) Let’s make sure that we do not become lax in following our safety and traffic laws. Remember too, that members are responsible for passing on and assisting new members in safety instruction and bike etiquette.

Next, let’s give congratulations and applause to the following Bike Awards Recipients:

John Larson is recognized for his service to ride captains and other members. Recently, John assisted with our friend, Javier, who had an accident that required his being taken to the hospital and then home. Most notable is John’s kindness toward animals. It’s said that John even walked Javier’s dog after the hospital visit.

Eddie Doerr is recognized on the 175-mile “WACKY Ride” for stopping his ride and helping another member with a flat tire. Actually, Eddie was nominated several times for fixing members’ wheels and other good deeds. Here is an all-around good guy.

Bravo to Marilee Martin and her “Fruit Rides.” The rides have been tremendously successful and enjoyed by all who have participated. I have seen great interaction among members as well as good fellowship. A big thank you on behalf of the club for all the projects that Marilee has participated in.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 15th for our big Awards Banquet. We are scheduled to meet at the Louisville Slugger Museum — one of the hottest places in town to hold events. This will be a gala affair, a real soirée, so don’t miss out on the fun!

Finally, the premiere event is fast approaching. If you are not participating as a rider, the Old Kentucky Home Tour committee needs volunteers for the event on Sept. 13 & 14.

Good riding with each of you. Have fun!

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