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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter September-October 1997

Racing Team News

by Cheryl Brawner

So much news and so little time to report it! As you all know, we are at the height of the season, and free time to write articles is at a premium. In a nutshell, here are some of the latest team highlights.

Valerie Gattis is, as of this writing, participating as a member of Team Judy Flannery in the Race Across America, which started (for teams) on July 27 and will run through August 2 or 3.

The road squad has just finished the Paducah Stage Race in which Walter Lay won the Kentucky State Championship in both the road race and criterium in his age group, and new junior team member Louis Rawls won the Citizens 15-17 road race.

After three of the five-race series, the off-road squad is still first in the Bike Butler Club Team standings over 16 other teams.

The off-road squad is looking forward to racing at the Snowshoe (West Virginia) American Mt. Bike Challenge on August 10. Davis & Elkins College has announced its sponsorship of our off-road squad. In turn, LWRT/LBC will assist in Davis & Elkins' formation of a collegiate cycling program and will make campus and alumni appearances. D&E first became interested in the LBC through Aurilla Lesley (our national/world champion), who graduated from there in 1955 and was recently featured in their alumni publication, Forward. The LBC has also assisted in the development of U of L's collegiate cycling club this year.

Unfortunately, Kosair Charities Bikefest 97 has been canceled. However, both Kosair Charities and Saturn of Louisville have announced that they will support such an event in 1998.

The Oates Flag/Facility One Time Trial Series will have wound down on August 13 with a pizza party and distribution of commemorative T-shirts. Although attendance was low, hopes are high that time trialing will once again become well-supported and a regular mainstay to our training programs both racing and touring.

I hope this synopsis has not been too condensed, as many other things have been happening within the team, but a team ride and bike fit await me this evening and time is of the essence! Watch this website for results and racer profiles!

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