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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — September-October 1997

Panniers Anyone?

by Gary Wyndgarden

Did ya hear the one about the cyclist who spent hundreds of dollars extra to take ounces off his high-tech bike and then loaded it up with forty pounds of camping gear for a hundred-mile round trip? You are probably thinking certainly no one in our club would be so foolish? You’d be right. There wasn’t one, there were five of us on this little jaunt.

Ride captains Allen Darby and Ellen Mueller led the way on their tandem. Catherine and I drafted as much as possible on our Cannondale touring bikes (yes, those sturdy frames, wide tires and pannier racks finally came in handy). Donald Slayton cruised out on his recumbent. All were significantly loaded down with gear.

Two miles into the ride the heavens opened up with the last of the weekend rain. Fortunately we waited this out under the overhang at Dietrich’s (thanks Bim!). From there on out, we had sunny skies and a great tailwind as we crossed the Second Street Bridge and followed Indiana 62 out to Clifty Falls. We all shared a great campsite, checked out the falls, cooked a terrific dinner and enjoyed a campfire.

The good news was the tailwind on Saturday. The bad news was it was still blowing on Sunday... from the same direction... at about fifteen miles an hour... steady. If panniers triple the weight of the bike, they must increase the drag coefficient about a hundred times. We were all pooped puppies when we got back on Sunday night, but with an adventure to tell our grandchildren. Come out and try it sometime.

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