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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter ó November-December 1997

1997 Awards Banquet

by Kathy Schill

Last summer the Awards Banquet Committee (Kathy Schill, Barbara Tretter, Barbara Preston, Joe Proctor, and Marilyn Minnick) met for the first time to plan the 1997 Awards Banquet. Individually, we all had plans and ideas for making this a special party and meeting for our club. As the months went on and the event began to take shape our excitement grew. Iíd like to share some of the highlights of the evening with you in the hope that you will also become excited and want to attend. Iíd also like to explain the registration process.

First, we brainstormed. What could we improve, change, or modify to increase the value and enjoyment of the evening? The following is what we came up with:

  1. LOCATION: We wanted a place that was clean, bright, and unique for our most important and festive meeting of the year. The winner is:

    The Louisville Slugger Museum
    800 West Main Street

  2. FOOD: We wanted better food, more of it (we were specific: three entrees, salad, vegetables, rolls, desserts, tea and coffee as well as a CASH BAR), and to meet the needs of vegetarian members. We also wanted to keep the price the same as last year ó $16.00/person. The winner is: Naimanís Catering.

  3. PROGRAM: We also wanted to shorten the evening. It often got late and many members left before all of the awards were given out. So, we eliminated the speaker (the entertainment will be based on the museum and its exhibits), and worked with President Jim Preston and Ian Schill from the Nominating Committee to streamline the program and elections.

    The banquet will take place on November 15, 1997 from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. Please be there at 6:00PM SHARP so that you donít miss the beginning of the evening. Trust me, you wonít want to miss it!

    Itís easy to register. In your newsletter is a flyer with all the information. Fill it out and send to me (Kathy Schill), as directed. If you donít receive a newsletter or need an answer to a question, you can call me at 245-4507 (after 2:00PM please, we have a day sleeper). Itís important to register as soon as possible for two reasons: (1) the caterer is requiring PRE-PAYMENT and a final head count by November 10, 1997; (2) the short time period for registration. The newsletter probably did not get mailed before October 30 or 31, and may not arrive in your mailbox until the first week in November.

    We donít want anyone to miss the fun of celebrating their 1997 bicycling achievements and participating in the election of new officers for 1998. LETíS PARTY!!!!!

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