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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — November-December 1997

Family Ride Update

by Marilyn Minnick

If you didn’t get a chance to do a Family Ride this year, you missed a good time. We’ve had rides from various locations throughout the city. The Riverwalk rides have been very successful. It is the perfect place for a family ride — flat, peaceful and scenic. The walk is wide enough for two-way traffic, so congestion was not a problem. We met families who do not normally attend regular club rides and tapped into a different category of cyclists — parents riding with their children, new bikers just starting out, and rides who just wanted to escape from cars for awhile.

We’ve had some memorable riders on the Family Rides, including the seven-year-old on a mountain bike who tried his best to catch the tandem riders; Nikki, a fourth grader, who found out just how deep the lily pond was by riding into it; Boyd Sigler, 63 years old and still going strong, captivated us with stories of his adventure (you might want to ask him about his recent swim across the Ohio River... and back); and Len Ferryman, a.k.a. Fred Flintstone, with his gentle smile, still helping new riders become effective cyclists.

We had a delightful Brunch Ride in August, which we attempted to make less hilly for new riders. Despite some unavoidable hills to get in and out of J-town, everyone seemed to enjoy the ride and the delicious cuisine provided by Christine Anderson and Mary Margaret Williams. Many thanks to all who participated.

Special thanks to all members of the club who have taken time to be ride captains on the family rides. We hope these rides will continue next year and more members will become involved to help enhance the image of our club.

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