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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — November-December 1997

Nominations For 1998

The Nominating Committee would like to present the nominations for the Executive Committee of 1998. Club members will be asked to vote at the Awards Banquet on November 15.

Statements of Purpose

Earl Jones — President

“I have enjoyed my years on the Executive Committee of the Club as VP of Advocacy. I am now asking you to support my bid for the office of President because from that position I can best help realize the following goals:

  1. Review and confirm or revise the Club’s strategies. Our last comprehensive review of Club programs and direction was in 1993. Our Club is unmatched in the breadth and ambition of our programs but is at a critical stage of its development. Are we still on track or do we need to make adjustments? Our finances are relatively stable, our profile in the community is good, our membership benefits clear. We have weathered recent storms and emerged in good shape. I’d like to make sure we agree we’re heading in the right direction. This exercise will begin as soon as the new officers take office with completion targeted for the start of the ’98 season.
  2. Increase integration of the Club’s programs. Our program leaders have always done a great job. As president, I would like to help them look outside their defined areas of responsibility to find common themes or synergies, so that each? in pursuing his/her program goal, reinforces the goals of other programs and the Club as a whole.
  3. Grow membership and revenues. We have remained at 650-750 members for the last five years or so. Regardless of the outcome of the strategy review, we must grow or we will die. Among the areas to be addressed: increasing the diversity of our programs and partnering with other community institutions to add members. We need to change our mindset regarding revenue: we need revenue not merely to preserve the programs we have but to increase opportunities to celebrate and have fun, which in turn will increase membership and keep the cycle going.

“I appreciate your support.”

Glenn Todd — VP Education (Contested office)

“I have been a member of the Louisville Bicycle Club for more than seven years. During those years, I have worked on the OKHT Committee, Education Committee and Nomination Committee. I have taught bike maintenance classed, Monday night bike handling classes and worked with a local Boys Scout Troop. I have received a ride captain jersey for two years. I am an Effective Cycling Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists. Five years ago as part of the OKHT, I suggested and began holding a workship service.

“Goals for 1998 as VP of Education: first and foremost, I want to develop a working committee that represents the many facets of our club, including touring, racing, commuting, awareness, safety and others as the committee and club would desire. A few of my dreams are: (1) to strengthen the Monday Night Bike Handling classes to include skills practice. The purpose would be to help us act safely and responsibly in a city in which traffic is quickly growing, even in outlying areas. (2) to grow the bike maintenance program by adding a session for those who would like to develop their skills by working on old bikes and making them available to children and youths who do not have a bike. (3) to develop a list of individuals who would be available to speak to schools, scouts and other organizations about cycling. The focus would be to help people be aware of the opportunity and responsibility of all to provide a safe environment for cycling.

“My professional background I believe adds to my ability to be the VP of Education. I have a bachelors and masters in Education. In my present line of work, I am the Training Specialist for Goodwill Industries of Kentucky. This involves me in preparing curriculum, resourcing materials and training others throughout Kentucky. In previous positions I have been involved in training administration and coordinating volunteer services. As a member of several state and local professional organizations, I have served in the capacity of chairperson and/or committee member. I have spoken to groups as few as two and as many as 1000.”

Dave Runge — VP Education (Contested office)

“When Ian Schill asked me if I’d like to be a candidate for VP Education I hesitantly replied that I’d think about it. He also said I’d have to write something for the newsletter, so basically this is a chance to explain what the Education Committee has been doing. I’ve been on the Education Committee the past two years and am proud of what we’ve done. Basically, we’ve kept our goals within our resources. We’ve worked on expanding awareness of the Club in the community and serving members of the Club with maintenance and technical information. We took a realistic approach to things instead of overextending and committing the Club to flashy projects that sound great but quickly exceed the point of diminishing returns. Whenever possible, we involved riders who were not members of the Education Committee, or the Club for that matter, for assistance and advice. Individually, we have all been active in other aspects of the Club, thus staying within the Club rather than being a group unto ourselves. We’ve taken a low key, genuine approach to spreading the good news about bicycling. It works because the approach is efficient and effective and the product, bicycling, is so believable. Like my wife says, ‘Vote for Glenn.’”

Cheryl Brawner — VP Racing

“Reflecting back on my first year as V.P Racing, I am very proud of our team’s accomplishments in 1997 and equally proud of the successful evolution the program has achieved this year. First and foremost, cohesion has returned between the team and touring bodies — we are again one club.

“Secondly, two squads — road and off-road — now coexist and thrive within our team. Among other highlights, a mission statement was developed and adhered to, several new sponsors were brought on board, our numbers grew from 17 last winter to 50 at the time of this writing, a new junior program is in the making — not to mention that our team’s racing results were unprecedented! I would be remiss to believe that any one of these accomplishments were of my doing only — many, many people were involved, and most would not have happened without the team’s association with the strength and good name of the LBC.

“There is still work that I need to finish with your help in 1998. I intend to work with the V.P. of Education on developing new skills-enhancement and cross-training seminars and other educational programs. I would also like to work with the V.P. of Communications on marketing and in improving membership numbers through club visibility. I also will focus on obtaining new sponsors and keeping our present supporters by working closely with them so that the team may fulfill their needs. To ensure that the team will continue to prosper into the millennium and beyond, I will endeavor to recruit new coaches to assist in the future development of the racing program who will work with present team members as well as new riders wanting to try racing for the first time. I also will strive to find a successor for my position who is knowledgeable and committed to the sport, our racing program and the club. Please do not hesitate to come forward if you would like to pitch in on any of these activities.

“Words cannot describe how much I have enjoyed working with the dedicated, energetic members of the 1997 Executive Committee, nor can I adequately thank the LBC for its unfettered support of me and its racing team. I hope that I can continue to give back to the sport and the club I love in the years to come.”

Adrian Freund — VP Touring (Contested office)

“Let’s be honest! What we like most about the Louisville Bicycle Club is riding! We want our touring program to be all things to all riders — challenging, relaxing, stimulating, and family-friendly. We want new and different ride experiences and opportunities for socialization. Some members want to see their ‘stats’ soar into the stratosphere.

“Therein lies the challenge for the VP Touring and the Touring Committee — to develop a touring program for all seasons and all riders. I think we made a good start in 1997, and I want to continue to provide a diverse program in 1998. I recognize the importance of the touring program to the club’s growth and overall health. We must focus on the touring program as a front door for many new cyclists, and members. I will remember that the volunteer ride captains and members, not the VP Touring, make the touring program work. I’m responsible for the choreography.

“I look forward to continuing to serve the Louisville Bicycle Club in this important way. With your help, 1998 will be a year of great riding, many miles and even more smiles!”

Mary Margaret Williams — VP Touring (Contested office)

“Throughout the 8½ years I have belonged to the Louisville Bicycle Club, I have been an active participant in the Touring Program. It is my belief that the Touring Program plays a vital role in assuring all members have the opportunity to participate fully in the joy of riding a bike. My goals are: 1.To provide a well-rounded program that meets individual and group interests related to touring, diversity, and socializing; and 2. Act as a liaison between members and the Executive Committee regarding concerns or suggestions to enhance the club. I will continue to be an active member because I believe visibility of a club officer is of utmost importance for a successful and enjoyable program.”

Michael Lowe — VP Advocacy

“I hereby accept the nomination to stand for the office of Vice President - Advocacy. I pledge to bring to the office my energy, my experience in business, law and government, and my commitment to the Louisville Bicycle Club. On behalf of the Club and its members I will listen, I will learn, I will educate and I will advocate. I shall not fear compromise on our behalf, but I shall not barter away the principles we stand for as a Club. If elected, I shall consider it my privilege and honor to serve the members of the Louisville Bicycle Club, and I promise to do so to the very best of my abilities.”

Dan Johnson — VP Communications

“I am honored to have been selected by the Nominating Committee to run for the office of Vice President of Communications. I have been an active member of the Louisville Bicycle Club for the past two years. In real life I am a customer service representative for a major biomedical laboratory. I am 34 years of age, single, and have no children. As a cyclist, I have been interested in cycling since early childhood and have had my childhood passions rekindled since joining the club. From an early age I was aware of my fascination for riding these strange two-wheeled machines over great distances, and that fascination has never faded.

“I am committed to serving the Louisville Bicycle Club, the Louisville Community, and the Bicycle Community worldwide. I stand for expanding club participation among the members, generating enthusiasm for cycling and cyclists’ rights throughout the Louisville community, increasing awareness of safety issues through press engagements and youth activities, and challenging city leaders to participate in the conversation of the future of cycling throughout the Metro area. To that end I am available to members and non-members at all times for public speaking engagements and private conversation.

“I enjoy interacting with the Louisville Community, the Louisville Police Department, the Jefferson County Police Department, bicycle clubs nationwide, and various citizens’ groups. I will speak to all public organizations whenever the opportunity arises, serve as safety instructor to children whenever possible, pass along the passion I have for cycling to future generations, and serve those who have passed that passion along to ours. I am honored to serve you as Vice President of Communications, and if elected, my promise to you is that I will make a difference in the lives of people who ride bikes in the Louisville Bicycle Club and the citizens of Greater Louisville.”

Michele M. Miller — Secretary

“I arrived in the fair city of Louisville in March of this year as a mud-loving mountain biker. After about 2500 miles of chasing after Bernice and Scott this summer, I have evolved (or backslid, depending on your point of view) into a pavement-pounding roadie. Some of my fondest memories of this past summer were the many rides I did with the LBC. A few of the things I really enjoyed: the camaraderie of rides like the Overlook and OKHT, trying hard not to bonk on centuries like the Honest Abe, Barbara Berman’s Women In Cycling Clinics (sorry guys), surviving the hills of David Ryan, Jim McDonald and Dave Runge rides, not to mention sitting on the curb of such fine establishments such as Marathon and BP enjoying a plain turkey sandwich (NO MAYO) and some Gatorade (lemon lime only) and many nights just struggling to stay behind someone so I didn’t get lost. Thanks to all the great people I rode with this summer and I look forward to future rides!

“Anyway, on to the future. I believe that community service is an important part of well being. When I lived in West Virginia I was a part of great organizations like Leadership WV, Rotary and the Junior Women’s Club. I miss the service part of my life and was really excited when the Executive Committee asked me to run for Secretary of the LBC. I hope to exceed the club’s expectations while fulfilling all the duties required of the Club Secretary. I hope to meet many of the new faces we see on rides and say hello, learn some names and encourage people to join the club (and continue riding of course). I think I am a good listener and I can work with just about anybody, so vote for me, give me a chance and let’s see where it takes us. Thanks.”

Jim Tretter — Treasurer

“Even though the Louisville Bicycle Club is a club operating for recreation, mobility and health, it is also registered as a business operating in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The position of Treasurer is the ‘business manager’ of the organization and as such, completes all legal filings including Federal and Kentucky income taxes. With both education and a professional background in finance and having held a variety of offices with this organization including OKHT director for seven years, president for two terms and treasurer for the past two years, I believe I am qualified to fulfill the requirements of this position and would like to continue in this role.”
Editor’s Note: More nominees may be forthcoming by election time.

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