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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter — November-December 1997

Old Kentucky Home Tour Wrap-ups

Our Biggest Yet!

by Norm Minnick

Our 20th Old Kentucky Home Tour was a big success! I’m hearing numbers like 700 riders! (We don’t have the final count yet.) And not one injury (that we know of).

In case you weren’t able to attend, you missed a very special moment when Norbert and Barbara Olges were presented with a plaque thanking them for their 20 years of volunteer work on OKHT. And you missed seeing someone win a bike!

We think the only person to ride all 20 years is Stewart Prather. Hope to see you next year, Stewart!

Next year, we promise to alleviate some of the problems with the bus. We appreciate your input on how we can do better. We want to make this the event of the season for you and all our guests. Let us hear from you. And, how about volunteering to help next year? It’s a great way to meet new people.

Our thanks to Brenda Palmer, Gary and Tom Keenan and their teams for putting on such a huge event. A big thank you to all the club members and friends who helped pull this off with a smile. And another big thank you to all who made those fantastic cookies!

Behind the Scene

by Mary Margaret Williams

Organizing dinner and breakfast for more than your average family is the easy part. Ensuring everyone is served and satisfied is the difficult task. It is not a job one or two, but many!

Thanks to the following members who gave their time to help with providing prompt service for dinner and breakfast. These people are examples of true volunteers, asking, “what can I do to help?” rather than “what do I get for doing this?” A tremendous thank you and appreciation for your time and support:

Christine Anderson, Paul Battle, Cheryl Brawner, Debbie Browning, Nancy Clark, Pat Goodman, Norm Minnick, Vera Schneider. Rick Singleton, Elaine Tillman, Jerry Tillman, Cheryl Vice, Paul Vice, Don Williams and James Woolridge.

OKHT SAG Volunteers

by Carol Leist

What an amazing 20th annual Old Kentucky Home Tour. The weather was great, but even more amazing were all of the friendly, energetic SAG volunteers to be found between Louisville and Bardstown for two days!

Special thanks are in order for Gil and Ted Morris of Highland Cycle for many repairs, roving support and supplies for all of the SAGs! And now for the list of this year’s wonderful volunteers:

Christine Anderson, Scott Anderson, Maynard Arend, Nii-Nii Armar, Billie Beachy, Kayla Beachy, Kelda Beachy, Katie Beachy, Barry Bennett, Judy Bennett, Linda Bessler, Phil Brown, Alan Darby. Paula Do, Alison Ewart, Len Ferryman, Karin Fox, Adrian Freund, Justin Freund, Chris Grice, Nan Hazel, Jay Homola, Bob Horner, Bill Johannemann, Marge Johannemann, Dave Leist, Carolyn Minnette, Samantha Minnette, Will Minnette, Ellen Mueller, Kimberly Nedrow, Betty Neurath, Sonny Neurath, Barbara Olges, Norbert Olges, Brenda Palmer, Jim Preston, Barbara Preston, Joe Proctor, Bill Rich, Laura Roberts, Paul Schedko, Pete Schuler, Donald Slayton, Carole Sutton, Elaine Tillman, Barbara Tretter, Jim Tretter, Sue Trossen, and Paul Vice.

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