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May-June 1998 Newsletter

From the President . . .

by Earl Jones

Sometimes, when everything seems to be going right, even very familiar riding erritory can become part of an adventure. Such was the case on one of those wonderful evenings at the end of March when the weather and the approaching weekend induced a sense of carefreeness that only a ride down Rose Island Road could relieve.

As my son and I rode out past Henry’s Ark that evening it was the sounds that made the familiar seem so fresh and new, from the flock of geese landing on a pond, the horses romping in the field, but especially the chorus of the tree frogs as we neared Goshen Lane.

At moments like that you know why you love to cycle. The sensation was repeated on that Sunday’s ride coming down the hill into the open fields along Thurman Lane. Thanks to Phil Brown and Bob Horner for the ride and Kimble Howard and Jack and Sherry McLaughlin for the company.

Experiences like these make the grind of work on the Executive Committee worth it. Of course no success is possible without your support. So thanks to all of you who participated in the focus groups and interviews that were part of the strategic planning. If you missed the report—out at the last membership meeting—please review those materials. Look for changes in our programs that are responsive to your inputs this season and next. And remind me and the other officers, if you see any of us going off the deep end, paraphrasing a well-known politico, “It’s the riding, stupid.”


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