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May-June 1998 Newsletter

Spring Tune-Up

by Glenn Todd

Bike Handling Classes

“Bike Handling” takes a turn and goes down a new road. In response to comments made by riders in the focus groups and conversation with club members, bike handling is getting a spring tune up.

Requests have been made to provide hands-on skill development for riders. In an effort to meet that request. Bike Handling has been moved to St. Matthews Elementary. This has been done to provide an opportunity to have skills practice in a safe environment. Along with this, we will provide time on the road to gain the skills necessary to ride in traffic and in groups.

There will be three levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Beginners will learn traffic skills, how to safely stop a bike, traffic etiquette and a host of others skills. Intermediates will learn how to ride in a group, group etiquette, emergency skills and more. The League of American Bicyclists will certify those completing the advanced course as “Effective Cyclists.”

Classes will start May 4th, and be held 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at St. Matthews Elementary, 601 Browns Lane. Look for more information in the local papers, bike shops and fitness centers. You can also contact Glenn Todd at Home - 897-5406 or Office - 585-4945.

Topic                         Beg Inter Adv
Riding in a group              •    •      
Lane changing                  •    •      
Traffic law                    •    •      
Assertive Riding/Road Position           • 
Rock Dodging                        •    • 
Instant Turns                       •    • 
Riding in Traffic                   •      
Climbing Hills/Gearing              •    • 
Spinning/Gearing                    •    • 
Making Left Turns              •    •      
Yielding the right of way      •    •      
Common Errors                  •    •      
Emergency Stopping             •    •    • 
Braking a Bike                 •           
Basic Road Etiquette           •    •      
Pace Lines                               • 
How to Bump someone else                 • 
Hitting a Wheel and staying up           • 
Bunny Hopping a bike                •    • 
How to fall                              • 

Bike Maintenance Classes

Thanks to all those who help in “Maintenance of the Bike and Person.” Bike Maintenance was different this year and by the feedback it was a success. I want to thank all those who helped. The education committee consists of Jim McDonald, Lisa Kinnamon, John and Bernice Martin, Jack and Sherri McLaughlin, Don and Mary Margaret William. This has been a great team to work with. They have been full of ideas and ready and willing to work. The leaders and teachers during the sessions were Duc Do, Jim McDonald, Don Williams, Mary Margaret Williams, John Larson, Scott Anderson, Ian Schill, and Brian Shelley. There was a great group willing to be flexible to the needs of the participants.

Hot topics for this year were “Maintenance of the Person,” “Maintenance of the Bike” and the Tire Changing Class. Once again thanks for your help.

Mentors Needed

To be a mentor you don’t have to have all the answers. Just a willingness to share your enthusiasm. Mentors and Mentees will be hooked up based on needs. Mentors will set their own limits concerning how much time they have to spend. If you are interested in working with a small group of cyclists to help them develop skills and answer questions, please contact Glenn Todd.


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