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May-June 1998 Newsletter

Cycling for Women Returns

by Barbara Berman

Cycling for Women is a series of presentations and recreational rides designed especially for women who want to try organized cycling. Intended for entry level or intermediate cyclists, the presentations deal with issues such as clothing, bike fits, equipment and other cycling-related topics, all from a womanís perspective. Each presentation will be led by an experienced woman cyclist and will be followed by a slow, easy ride of 10-15 miles over mostly flat and gently rolling roads. Experienced women cyclists will be along on the ride to answer questions and to enjoy the company. New this year is a beginnerís womanís mountain bike presentation and ride done jointly with Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (KYMBA) current V.P. and past-president Leta Weedman. For further information, call Barbara at 454-3452.

May 17 3:00 Mountain Bike Ride Big Rock, Seneca Park
May 31 4:00 Road Ride Vettiner Park
June 14 4:00 Road Ride Lone Run Park


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