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July-August 1998 Newsletter

Toms Top 10 Reasons To Ride A Bike To Work

by Tom Knight

  1. Bicycling is FUN. Balancing yourself on a potentially dangerous two-wheeled contraption and moving forward at a high rate of speed is entertaining.
  2. Commuting is economical. Experience demonstrates that you can ride to work for about $75 per year in parts and maintenance costs. Compare that to operating a car.
  3. You can be forever fit, and members of the complimentary sex will compliment you forever. Give that hated wind-trainer away!
  4. You mind can become as fit as your body. You will have unrestricted views of some awe-inspiring sunrises and cloud formation. You will arrive for work happy, having a mental edge on everyone else, and arrive home relaxed after pedaling away the days stress.
  5. Your overall health will improve. The extra miles combined with the mental health might be the prescription you need to lower that body weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  6. You will take a positive step toward conserving resources and reducing pollution.
  7. You will set a good example for the next generation of cyclists.
  8. Bicycle commuting will give you a good excuse to buy a new bike!
  9. Others may find buying gifts for you easier. You might receive really nice things you might never buy for yourself, like Gore-Tex gloves, seal skin socks, and other weird stuff.
  10. The best reason to ride your bike to work is JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN! Rejoice in the good health you are blessed with, and put that God-given good health to good use!

See you out there!


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