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July-August 1998 Newsletter

1998 Old Kentucky Home Tour Planning Begins

by Earl Jones

The 1998 Old Kentucky Home Tour bicycle ride will take place on the weekend of September 19 and 20. This will be the ride’s 21st year and even regular participants will find that a few new things have been added.

We’ll still have three mileage options on Saturday’s trip down to Bardstown: 45, 62, and 100. And we’ll repeat the one-day Sunday ride near Louisville. The cookies will still be found in sinful quantities at the famous cookie SAG stop.

But among the changes being made, the ride will have a new Bardstown location: Bethlehem High School, located just blocks off Court House Square right in the heart of town. This will enable riders more easily to enjoy Bardstown’s many historical sites, most of which are located within walking distance of the school. Side trips to the local distilleries that give Bardstown its name as the bourbon capital will also be easily arranged. And no one will want to miss Saturday’s bluegrass music that will be provided by Grammy Award-nominated artists.

Accomodations in the gym and camping on the school grounds will be available. Riders who choose to stay in hotels or eat in local restaurants will be able to do so more conveniently.

Planning is moving steadily ahead. If you have ideas to make the ride better, talk to any member of the Executive Committee. You’ll be receiving a brochure in the mail any day. If you respond right away you can take advantage of the early registration discount.

Remember — not only is the Old Kentucky Home Tour a lot of fun, it’s a critical source of revenue to support the Club’s year-round activities. As always, volunteers are needed for the OKHT Committee and to help out on the ride. So please, do your part to support the Club and volunteer now, or say “Yes!” when you’re asked.


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