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July-August 1998 Newsletter

We’re Making Progress

by Glenn Todd

As I write this article, bike handling has just finished its fifth week. By all reports I declare it has been a success. Our attendance of participants has averaged in the low to mid 20’s, with a high of 30 individuals. Each night we have had an average of 10 instructors/mentors. I want to thank all those who have been instructors or mentors. They have made themselves available to teach, answer questions, do bike adjustments, even in one case to work on a pesky flat that no one else could find, just so the individual could ride that evening.

I’ve received notes from participants saying how much they appreciate the new format. One even said, “Keep it up and you might make a biker out of me yet!” Some people have come out of curiosity and have purchased bikes and begun riding as a result of the class. And there are humorous moments as instructors demonstrate various skills. When teaching rock-dodging I found that if the student visualized the rock as a “significant other” with whom they were angry, and then at the last second forgave them, the maneuver was perfectly executed. Jim Tretter’s demonstration of the “Instant Turn” almost got me run over, and provided a few laughs for those watching!

The goal of bike handling this year is two-fold. First is to give hands-on experience to beginning riders and let them know that there are skills for them to use to be safe on the road, and second, to provide advanced riders a place to hone those skills. Even advanced riders like Big Jim Tretter need tons of skill development. Cycling, like driving a car, takes many skills. If you practice and hone those skills, you and the people you would otherwise run over will be safer and happier, too.

Come join us Monday nights!


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