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July-August 1998 Newsletter

New LBC Ride Book

by Kimble Howard

Its about time we let people in on the secret. The LBC has great ride captains and fantastic rides! And now its time to share those rides with everyone else. To help promote LBC and to help raise revenues for our programs like OKHT, Im putting together a book of our best rides. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource not only for members but also for people here on business who want to ride, new people in town, and people thinking about Kentucky/Indiana as a vacation destination. It also may provide some standardized rides from which busy ride captains can while they are mapping out new routes.

At this point Im envisioning a small spiral bound book which can easily updated every year as the ride captains come up with more and exciting rides. A book people will be fighting to get their hands on! It will need to encompass ALL the types of rides we have from short beginner rides for new riders and families to those difficult centuries.

Each ride will have a title, description with level of difficulty, etc., the cue sheet with mileage at turns and things to watch out for such as rough RR crossings, vicious dogs and traffic difficulties.

Heres what I need from you the ride captains and members:

  1. Your cue sheets. With or without mileage (Ill ride the rides and double check routes.)
  2. A name for the ride if you have one. Be creative so people will remember it.
  3. A description (brief). Tell us why you like this ride.
  4. The name of the person responsible for this ride.
  5. Any suggestions you might have about what youd like to see in the book, i.e. a listing of the area bike shops including those that will rent bikes.

You can get this info to me by mail, e-mail or fax. I may be over extending here but it would be nice to have it available for purchase by the Old Kentucky Home Tour time. At any rate, I need your info as soon as you can get it to me so that I can get a clear picture of how big a publication it will be.

One last thing. We need a catchy title. The Best Rides of the Louisville Bicycle Club wont quite do. So put your thinking caps on. As an added incentive, the person who sends me the best title will get a $15 gift certicate to Performance Cycle. So start thinking!

Send those cue sheets, comments and questions to:

Kimble Howard (kimble@earthlink.net)
1808 Lauderdale Rd.
Louisville, KY 40205
fax: (502) 473-7852


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