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September-October 1998 Newsletter

From the President . . .

by Earl Jones

The summer riding season is now into full swing, and we’ve been blessed with some really beautiful weather. The large variety of rides available has resulted in an impressive increase in participation on the rides. Hats off to the Touring Committee and to all of the ride captains who make all of this possible! And congrats to Cheryl Brawner for a very successful Criterium held in downtown Louisville recently. The turnout was enormous, and there was only one crash — no one was hurt. Well done, Cheryl, and all of the volunteers who made it happen.

And now for more good news: The Old Kentucky Home Tour is just around the corner! The Executive Committee has made a few changes to the venue this year, and we expect it to be one of the best ever. We no longer will be using Nelson County High School, but rather Bethlehem High, located in downtown Bardstown, in the heart of it all. An excellent Bluegrass Band will be performing for us when we arrive Saturday, and Marilee Martin is preparing a hot chicken sandwich lunch to be served on Sag stops #2 and #3. Way to go Marilee! Weather experts tell me conditions will be perfect over the weekend. I know who they are and where they live. Chris Cakes will serve up hot pancakes on Sunday morning, and the usual challenging rides will again be available both days, including almighty Pottershop Road Hill on the century. Thanks to Kimble Howard for coordinating registration.

Volunteers are still needed, and don’t forget to mail in your registration soon. The OKHT is the flagship ride of our club, and it is one you won’t want to miss! See you out there, be safe, and ... HAVE FUN!!!!


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