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November-December 1998 Newsletter

Kentucky Bicycle Coalition

by Annie Brown

Cyclists in our state get no respect.

Of the $7.3 million in federal money earmarked specifically for transportation enhancement funds in Kentucky in1997, cyclists received $29,800. That is less than 1% of the funds available. We are not getting our fair share of the federal support available and rightfully ours. Why is this happening?

  • Cyclist have no unified voice in Frankfort
  • There is no comprehensive Kentucky bicycle/pedestrian plan
  • Until now there has not been an organization to advocate these services on a statewide level.

We now have that statewide organization. The Kentucky Bicycle Coalition was organized to work for cyclist in state and county governments across Kentucky.

The KBC works to improve and increase cycling opportunities throughout Kentucky by broadening public and legislator awareness of cycling needs such as a safety, cyclist and motorist education, better conditions for cycling and enhanced funding for cycling-related projects.

Our members represent all aspects of cycling: recreation, racing, road, mountain, touring and commuting. They include representatives from the Bluegrass Cycling Club, Bowling Green League of Cyclists, Louisville Bicycle Club, and Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, among others.

The KBC is already working on:

  • Getting ISTEA funds to the projects where they belong by encouraging and helping local organizations to generate project applications.

  • Convincing lawmakers that cycling-related projects are worthy of ISTEA funding.

  • Making our highways safer for cycling through a public awareness campaign.

  • Pushing for a state-funded bicycle/pedestrian program.

Now is the time to make a commitment to support cycling in Kentucky. Study after study have proven that more Kentuckians would ride their bicycles if better and safer accommodations were made for them on our roads. (More than a million Kentuckians already own a bicycle right now!) Congress has increased funding for alternative transportation projects. That means even more of your tax dollars are going to Frankfort with a mandate to spend it on bike lanes, routes and paths. Recent history has shown that this money will be lost to Kentucky cyclists unless we act now to demand it.

We are well on our way to improving our situation, but we need your support! Basic membership is only $20. Donors of $100 or more will become KBC Charter Members and receive a KBC T-shirt with our thanks. Rest assured that we will be putting your money to good use by impacting the decision makers in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Please take the time to send your check today. Cycling in Kentucky deserves better treatment from our elected officials. Your voice will make a difference.

Checks can be mailed to:

Kentucky Bicycle Coalition
30 East Southgate Avenue
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

For more information, call Emily Boone at (502) 585-3430.


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