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November-December 1998 Newsletter

Ridersí Comments

This yearís survey was designed to gauge opinion of some of the changes we made. One hundred twenty-two surveys were returned. The following are the percentages....

Think the mileage options are fine93%
Like adding the chicken sandwiches76%
Donít care about themes at the SAGs78%
Approve of the move to downtown84%
Like (or are neutral about) Bethlehem HS77%
Felt the campsite was suitable (or were neutral)86%
Miss the All-You-Can-Eat Spagetti Dinner27%
Enjoyed the Bluegrass Band52%
Like being in touch with the Bourbon Festival51%
Preferred eating in a downtown restaurant51%
Would pay $10 for an All-You-Can-Eat menu30%
Think we canít compete with Bourbon Festival for hotel rooms39%


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